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Table of Contents ∼ The Saga of Far Travels Woman, Book I: SummerCircles (WC: 502)


Table of Contents The Saga of Travels Far Woman, Book One: SummerCircles

Front Cover Mock-up

Note for Copyright Page

Title Page

Table of Contents

Prologue ∼ How I Came to Write This Book

Preface Podunksville, Iowa

Interior Story Title Page

Quote Page

Part I: Iowa ∼ Fall into Winter

1 Living the Dream (replaces all seven of the following, condensed version)


1 The Dream

2 First Meeting ∼ The Dream

3 The Recurring Dream

4 New Dance ∼ The Recurring Dream

5 East Is East ∼ The Recurring Dream

6...and the Bees ∼ The Recurring Dream

7 Needs and Wants ∼ The Recurring Dream

Part II: Ye Olde Watering Hole

2 The Arrival ∼ The Recurring Dream ∼ from Despina's Journal

3 Ye Olde Watering Hole

4 Before the Mike

5 Elemental Forces

6 Range War III

7 The Water Pitcher ∼ Part I

8 Propina ∼ The Recurring Dream

9 The Water Pitcher ∼ Finale

10 Taking Tex Home

11 Vows

Part III: Stone Circles Reservation

12 Tail Lights

13 Under Construction

14 Going to Meeting

15 Fire Breathing Dragon

16 El Alfabeto

17 Refrigerator Art ∼ Set-up

18 Show and Tell

19 Under Construction ∼ The Recurring Dream

20 The Rescue

21 Patient

22 Dramatic Voices

23 The Library, After Lunch

24 Pest Invasion

25 Roommates

26 Cathedral-like Silences

Part IV: Class Projects

27 Class Projects

28 Jello

29 Playing Hooky

30 La Bañera ∼ En Español

31 La Bañera

32 Pesticide

33 Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

34 Class Projects The Wind

35 The Cave

36 At Bay

37 Entrapment

38 First Attack

39 Blow, Blow, Ye Winds

40 Waltzing Matilda

41 Pinch Hitter

42 Juan's Day In Court

43 Candid Camera

44 Board Talk

45 An Ill Wind

46 Rehab

47 Room To Let

48 As the Wind Blows

Part V: The Courtship

49 Circles of Fire

50 Moccasins

51 Postage Stamp-Sized Hole

52 Attempted Arrest ∼ The Cave

53 Aftermath

54 Letters ∼ Campfire Conversations

55 The Wall Flower

56 Rejected, Dejected

57 Romantic Interlude?

58 Romantic Nonsense

59 Snake in the Grass

60 Heredity

61 Blabbermouth

62 Liquid Gold

63 Bank Questionnaire

64 Fertility Clinic Conversations

65 Parentage

66 Nightmare

67 La Desaparecida

68 Emissions

69 The Dowry

70 Wedding Gifts?

71 Room To Let ∼ The Shower Incident

72 Roadblock

Part VI: The Party Is Over

73 Third Arrest Attempt

74 Swatted

75 Tenacity

76 Dragon Slayer

77 Invasion

78 Cliff Hanger

Part VII: Epilogue

79 Final Jeopardy ∼ Summer's End

79 Final Jeopardy ∼ Summer's End (Original Critique Group Version)

79 Final Jeopardy ∼ Homecoming (Unedited original from 2001)

80 Premonition Phone Call (Link to Mountain Lover)

Appendix I

Universal Themes

"Pollyanna" List

"Wish" List

Appendix II

Comments Prologue

Comments Range War III

Comments Tail Lights

Comments Patient

Related Items Podunk Center, Iowa

Related Items History of Despina's Name

Related Items Maybe Why Despina

Additional Background Offensive, or Amusing? Podunksville, Iowa

Background Material The Mojave Desert

Personal Writing Offensive, or Amusing?

Personal Writing Baby Blue Ram

Personal Writing Why I Write

Last updated 1/24/16 Corrected NEXT to link to Despina's Infamous Green Journal, not Baby Blue Ram.  Not sure how that mistake happened, but … 12/25/15 added a link to "Baby Blue Ram"; 12/24/15 added links to all Appendix l material, including heading, and Appendix ll heading; 12/16/15 Added links to Wish List; 12/11/15 corrected titles to current form; switched to ∼ instead of -- for attribution on quotations; used 9ecc5e to match green summercircles background color (not exactly the same color); 11/21/15 added January material from travelsfar; [got a file too large error; moved the journal posts to the next page] 11/14/15 added attribution for 1/12/01 journal entry; 11/11/15 put The Rescue -- The Recurring Dream into Despina's journal on 1/12/98 in travelsfar and pandemo's journals; 6/22/15 Corrected/updated the title line, description of Living the Dream; 6/19/15 Changed The Party's Over to Party Is 3/22/10 Worked on adding journal entries. Those without meaningful content have E before their dates. Others have blank spots where the page designation goes, so will not click through. 3/10/10 Corrected Wallflower. 12/9/08 revising... HELP! 8/4/02.

Word Count: 502

Self reference for editing purposes:
Wednesday, January 3rd, 2001 4:32 p.m. (Despina's Infamous Green Journal only)
Tags: sotfw: sc

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