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2/5/01 Dilemma ∼ from Despina's Infamous Green Journal 3/6/16; WC 219)

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Despina's Infamous Green Journal



So, I have this carton of cottage cheese in my mini-refrigerator in my classroom.  One set of stairs and a ramp away is the school cafeteria, packed with hulks shoveling down today's offering in a feeding frenzy that is frantic to behold and fascinating to photograph, especially up close on the tonsils.

Said lunch includes a peach half, (that just BEGS for cottage cheese in my book!)  I can get ONLY a peach in a bowl that must then be returned before 1 p.m. for 35¢…  Or an entire meal (chile and corn chips and a cinnamon roll with a carton of milk for some forgotten amount totaling less than $2.00 on a tray that also must be returned.)

Should I gamble that if I go down there, I can RESIST the smell of those lovely cinnamon rolls?

Or stay at my desk and try to clear a clean spot in the mountainous offerings of said hulks residing downstairs. 

Pro'S:  Up here is blissful quiet…

Then there's my debate with my weight…  WILL YOU MELT AWAY IF I QUIT TALKING TO YOU/ABOUT YOU/AROUND YOU?  Like every other woman in the western world, I constantly think I’m gaining unsightly pounds. 

My mother eyes me sideways and snickers…  Most irritating.


Last updated 3/6/16 Added to Summercircles from Travelsfar; 11/27/15 chained into novel and added to TOC; added Pro’s :  Up… new paragraph; changed go to melt; created another new paragraph beginning with My mother; 11/25/15 reversed order of TOC/Back; 11/20/15 When the NEXT button would not work on this page alone, I filed a support request (also mentioning that the calendar feature is not updating properly).  I slept on it overnight, then, when the error persisted, but only an acknowledgement of receipt of the report was given, went into the html code.  I found the configuration of the back link at the top of the page, then read through reams of gobbledygook until I got to TWO code lines for the next button.  One read, in part, "target=blank"; the other had no numbers filled in the space where there were numbers for the back link, so I found the right numbers for page 17 of the novel, erased all the code I recognized as being for the "blank" line, inserted the numbers in the position that held numbers in the back example, and saved, quite nervously.  When it worked, instead of the elation I expected to feel, I just felt drained.  I can't face having to do that each time I want to chain two pages together.  Pray they find/fix whatever ails this site! 11/19/15 Standardized heading, revamped organization, added second space after end punctuation; 3/26/10 Chained into novel and added to TOC.


Word Count: 219

Tags: sotfw: sc: digj

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