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Premonition Phone Call (link to Mountain Lover) (12/15/15; WC 511)

Premonition Phone Call

— Mickey? (The voice on the telephone asks hesitantly.)

— Dee?  Is this Despina?  What’s wrong?  Do you realize it is 2:45 a.m.?

(Shakily) I… I know. (whispers) I know.  Believe me, I know.

(Mick’s protector instincts kick in, changing the tenor of his voice even through the tinny phone line.) Are you okay?

—  Not really.  (weeping)

(sympathetically) Are you crying?

— Uuh, huh.  I…  I had a dream again.

(exasperation) You called me in the middle of the night to tell me you had a dream?

(louder weeping) The same one I had where Cu always got shot by the agents, the nightmare.   (very garbled voice, hard to understand)

(grouchy) Isn’t that a bit like beating a dead horse?

(sniffles) H..  He’s not dead!

(soothingly) Sorry.  I’m still half asleep.  I never would have made that slip awake.

— Nno…  That’s why I called.  He’s not dead!  I “saw” him.  Gravely wounded.  In a cave I don’t know, by running water.  Not on the Indian’s part of the desert.

(groan) Uh, Dee, I don’t know any place like that.  You know I grew up around here, especially along that river.  As boys, Cu and I went everywhere.

(crying again) Y… you don’t believe me.   (resigned) Oh… (Despina’s voice dissolves into intelligibility.)

(trying to reach sympathy again, but not quite successful) Ah, come on, now, Dee.  Don’t cry!

(crying, but frustrated, too) Were you ever around the campfire when we were talking about the dreams I had that portended Cu’s death in the exact manner the shooting happened?

(intrigued) Nooo, but Bruno told me about a few of the things that he read in your journal that came true years later.

(resigned) What good are visions if I can’t get anything accomplished with the knowledge I’m given?   (sobs)

(calming) I understand, Dee.  I miss him, too.  Believe me, if I knew where to go, I’d go look, even though the county has had to call off the search officially.  None of the Indians have totally quit looking, either, but they can’t give up the time working on the must-do items.  They might not make it through winter if they don’t hunt and harvest NOW.

(struggling for control) I I I…  I know.  Could you at least tell Tomás?  He knew the last place his mother sent to me in a dream, and didn’t even question that I talked with her.

(decisively) That one I CAN do, but not tonight, okay?

— he sober?

— As far as I know.  (sound of a phone ringing) Dee, are you okay now?  I’ve got another call - a 911.   (Punching false bonhomie into his voice) Guess it’s a good thing you woke me when you did.  I’ll be less groggy dealing with something I might be able to fix tonight.

— T th thanks, Mick.

— Dee, don’t take this wrong… but, you really need to let him go.

— I know, Mick.  I just don’t know how.

— I’ve seriously got to go.  Sleep tight, Dee.

— I’ll try.  Good luck.  ‘Bye.

(gently) Good-bye.

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Last updated 12/15/15 Added second spaces via html when visual editor failed; corrected -- to — to introduce switch in speakers over the phone; 11/24/15 Added second space after end punctuation.  3/27/10 Posted set-up for Sequel. Posted 3/20/10.

Word Count: 511
Tags: sotfw: sc

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