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Letters ∼ Campfire Conversations (1/3/16; WC 340) Q

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Letters Campfire Conversations

Words that soak into your ears are whispered, not yelled. Anonymous

"PP, who writes the letters to hire the prospective teachers for the reservation when someone answers the ad?"

"Well, my first ones came from Tomás, but when Cu became available, he took over that task.  He's a LOT better at it, too, I can tell you."

"Cu writes even the English ones?" Despina asks, seeking clarification.

"English?  Mine've always been in Spanish."

"My first three or four were in English, then the last ones were in Spanish."

"Jeeeze, Despina, were you a hard sell, or something?  I only wrote one and got one each year."

"No.  I just had a lot of questions, I guess.  So, who do you think did the English ones?"

"Jacques did the ones for that cute little French number they had last summer, I know.  He was the only one who knew any French," adds Horst.

"Maybe the first one could have been his, but these didn't sound like Jacques."

"Ah, I don't really know, but I remember the first night you got carried off, when I was going to rush out into the desert, Mickey stopped me, took the moccasins from me, and said he didn't want to have to write any more letters to hire new teachers.  I'll bet he did yours."

"Thanks, PP.  They sure could have been his.  No wonder I was confused!  I've been dealing with a blooming triad!"

"A triad?" Paul Peter mumbles.  "What're we talking about?"

"Oh, nothing."  Jumping up energetically, she leaves, excited.

"A triad?" Paul Peter repeats, a bit louder.  “I thought I had a superb English vocabulary.  A triad?"

"Is three," contributes Bruno.

"Yes, I understand that tri means three."

Bruno hums three notes, then hums another set of three.  "Sing to one."


Laughing, Horst explains, "If you sing the first three notes he hummed all together, you have a major triad. The second three form a minor triad."

"Despina's taken up musical composition?” Paul Peter asks, puzzled.  “She can't even carry a tune."


Last updated1/3/16 Added extra space with html around italics; standardized top links; 12/14/15 added second space after end punctuation; switched -- to to match Travelsfar; 2/26/10 Contracted What and are to What’re; 2/14/10 added “tells”; 8/5/08 added space St. Paul. 8/9/04. ? 1/22/03.

Word Count: 340
Tags: sotfw: sc

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